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This might be the year


This might be the worst year in your life. This might be the year when the person you loved the most walked away from your life. Stay away from the swamp where piranhas abound, and go to the fields of roses where there’s plenty of butterflies.

This might be the year that you never achieved some important goals you have set to accomplished. Keep digging through that rock, a few more strikes might break off the boulder, like a fountain which spring forth water, so is the blessings for your hard work.

This might be the year that you lost a precious guardian, a father, a mother, or figure of that kind.They may have gone away on this temporary shelter, in this madness-filled world, but they might have thanked the Creator, for the overflowing kindness they felt in His arms.

This might be the year that you have lost your house that you paid for with blood. Let them take the house but don’t let the loss destroy your home–your family. Houses will fade in the passage of time. Give the family a chance to strengthen in tough and trying times.

Yes, this might be the worst year in your life, few more days before it ends. But I hope this Christmas will be the best you ever had. Cheer up! You will miss the beauty of the season when your head is down.  The sky is bluer when your eyes gazed towards the sky.

Yours might be Happy Holidays, or perhaps its Seasons’ Greetings, but to me its Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and to your family!





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