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Top 5 reasons why people tend to regret migrating in Canada


One of the most common reasons why people would move to a different country is for a better future. They assume that once they are in a different country, they can start anew; have better opportunities that will eventually lead them to their success.

However, the sad part about this is not everyone becomes successful or achieve their goals in a foreign land- it is devastating but a fact.

Here are 5 of the top reasons we encounter why migrants return to their home country

1. Establishing a new life in a foreign country is very hard.

Canada is no exception, when you are starting from scratch, your education, your status in your home land means nothing. We encountered several situation wherein they finished a good program in the Philippines but they are still required to study courses that is needed in Canada. It’s a gamble- either you will win or broke down.

Getting used to the location, how people live, how people would act can be extremely hard most especially if you know absolutely none. No one will guide you, some Google sources cannot be reliable. That is why you need to have to be all in when you decided to move to Canada- it’s all or nothing!

2. Life in Canada can be extremely stressful

Compared in your homeland wherein you can immediately call your relatives for help, here, you have to do everything all by yourself.

Getting a sustainable job can be quite difficult on your first few months. Although hard work and persistence can play a vital role in starting a new life but it can be stressful when your goals won’t go as planned.

Another option when life can be a little tough, you can call a helper or nanny to take care of your little ones but compared to the Philippines wherein you can pay your nannies low wages, it’s a completely different picture when you decided to live in Canada. These professions require skill hence, a higher pay. This will eventually lead to a stressful financial struggle if you’re just starting up and have limited budget and haven’t found a sustainable income.

3. The lifestyle and beliefs are far different from where we came from

Adjusting is one of the most difficult phase a migrant face when he moved to a foreign land. The beliefs, mindset and prospect of life will be shocking for some.

In the Philippines, although life can be tough, it is surely happy because you are surrounded by people who will help you cope up with your struggles. However, in Canada, you need to hustle hard and find solutions to your own problems. Such as, doing your laundry after a long day, studying while working at the same time or balancing two or three jobs to sustain your needs.

Values can also be a shocking, Canadians are not used to call ‘tita or tito’ when addressing their family’s parents. They are also not used to kiss the hands of elders. They are also not used to live with their parents when they reach the legal age. This can be a 180-degree turn for some Filipino parents because it is common in the Philippines for their kids to stay with them until they got married.

4. Some may not bear the Canadian winters.

In some parts of Canada, you will get limited sunlight and the winters in some can be extremely brutal and it will be hard for a migrant to adjust most especially in some tropical countries.

In the Philippines a strong rain can lead people to shiver, how much more in a blizzard or a terrible snow storm? Although there will be heaters available in their household, what if they will be driving to work or run errands. That can be quite difficult. Sickness may occur and frostbites.

5. Some migrate for short-range objectives.

With massive outstanding success stories most migrants read from Google, they may develop a short-term objective which is to save money and go home, have a business and they can live happily ever after.

Migrating can be the best solution for some to achieve a better life, but for some, their luck may still be in their homeland. Our luck will bring us to our destiny. Before we decide to file for a migration, we need to have a proper mindset, various plans and backup plans and a equip yourself with reliable information in order for you to survive and be triumphant in Canada.



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