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Visiting Pinay Suddenly Dies in Toronto, Family Seeks Help

Julius Araracap invited his 53-year-old mother in the Philippines, Lovie Climacosa, to visit his family in Toronto. Lovie has been in Toronto on Visitor’s Visa for 7 months and was enjoying the company of her grandchildren as she was taking care of them.

Lovie fell ill one day with a fever and other flu-like symptoms. She took some over-the-counter medication and home remedies for it right away. The fever went away after a couple of days and she felt a lot better. After two days, Lovie felt so much pain all over her body and got so weak that Julius decided to bring her to the hospital. She went through a lot of tests such as blood tests, CT scan and X-ray at the Humber River Hospital.

According to the results, what was thought as flu was actually a more serious problem about her health. The doctors found a suspicious mass in her liver that was causing a lot of infections in her body. Immediately the day after she was admitted to the hospital, she started vomiting blood several times and seeing blood in her stool. She got worse almost every hour. She received a blood transfusion to help with her condition but the doctor told us that she was so sick that the infection in her body that it is showing through the jaundice in her eyes.

On the next day, she was supposed to go through an endoscopy to confirm the medical findings. Before the procedure even started, she was complaining about experiencing pain in her lower abdomen so the doctor checked her vital signs and notice irregularities and that everything was dropping. She was rushed into the intensive care unit right away and was put on life support to keep her alive. The doctor told us that she only had 24 to 48 hours to live. Julius and his family were devastated to hear that she had became very weak to the point of dying.  The doctor said she had malignant liver cancer that caused her kidneys to fail and that anytime on that day she may die. It was truly a very difficult time for the family but they had to accept everything.

Lovie passed away on a hospital bed surrounded by her loved ones. She will always be remembered as a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Her kindness and smile will be truly missed.

Julius and his family are now seeking financial support from everyone’s kind hearts to send Lovie’s body back to the Philippines where the rest of her family are grieving and waiting for her return. The support will also help to pay the hospital bills because not everything was covered by her insurance. Any amount will be a huge help for the family and they will appreciate it too if everyone can share the GoFundMe campaign link here

You can also reach Julius Araracap, son of Lovie, and his wife, Lorraine Araracap, through these numbers 647 234 2818 and/or 647 546 2817,and these email addresses lorraineararacap@yahoo.ca and juliusararacap@yahoo.ca.


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