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Visiting Pinoy stuck with $80,000 Medical Bills after suffering Stroke, Asking for Assistance


Family and relatives are the most important people in our lives. Every moment spent with them are memories that we cherish. We laugh with them during the happy times and we face challenges with them as well. We help them in any way that we could to ensure they get what is best for them. However, there are times when even all of our efforts and assistance are not enough to solve the problems our family or relatives are facing. It is during these times that we seek help from kind-hearted people for their generosity and support. This is the case for Dhada Samuel from Winnipeg, Canada who, through the gofundme campaign, is reaching out to generous people for her uncle’s recovery from stroke.

Dhada’s Uncle Paeng and Auntie Nieves have recently been granted tourist visas so they could visit their children, Ryan and Unice in Winnipeg. It took 3 long years for them to be complete again as a family and on April 17, 2016 they were finally reunited. They have caught up with all the time they spent separately and they enjoyed every moment of it. Uncle Paeng and Auntie Nieves even stayed longer to experience their first winter in what many call, Winterpeg.

No one could have expected that Uncle Paeng, a 64-year old retiree who is still considered healthy, would suffer a stroke in the early hours of June 19, 2017, a day after Father’s Day. Days after being admitted in Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Uncle Paeng had another stroke. To this day, Uncle Paeng is still being treated while the room costs and doctors’ professional fees are piling up. Uncle Paeng and Aunti Nieves had insurance in the first six months of their visit but they opted not to avail of insurance during their extended stay since they believe that they are healthy enough. With the unexpectedly high hospital bills, Uncle Paeng’s family are avoiding to point fingers for not availing insurance and instead are looking for other ways to settle the fees.

Through the gofundme campaign of Dhada, you can help their family in this crucial time of need. Simply go visit this link and click on “Donate Now”. Any assistance will be go a long way in Uncle Paeng’s road to recovery.



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