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Visting Mother suffers Stroke in Canada , Insurance not enough to pay Bills, Asking for Assistance


Family reunification is a great gift that Canada offers. Most of the parents and grandparents are given the opportunity to visit their loved ones in Canada as soon as they are granted a tourist visa. It is one of the most wonderful feeling to see your parents and/or grandparents again after a long while, and it gets better because you get to bring them to visit your new home country.

Ryan Robas Verdadero, a Pinoy living in Estevan, Saskatoon, was able to bring his mother to Canada just recently. Nanay Asuncion Verdadero arrived in Canada last May 26, 2017, reuniting her with her son and grandchildren. It was truly a happy moment for the Verdadero family. They were able to bring her around since then being the tourist that she is.

Unfortunately, just before a month of stay, Nanay Asuncion suffered a stroke that she was rushed to the hospital in Estevan, SK. It has gotten serious that she had to be brought to the Royal Unversity Hospital (RUH) the day after. Nanay Asuncion was diagnosed with Aneurysm, a Subarachnoid Hemmorrhage in the brain. She underwent surgery and is currently under medical treatment in RUH.

Nanay Asuncion is a 60-year-old widow who is a tourist in Canada. Thus, she is not eligible to receive any medical benefits from the government. She has travel insurance but, sadly, it is not enough to pay the bills. Ryan and his wife just had a child and are now in parental leave status. Their family has run out of their savings. Ryan is the only one attending to his mother and is appealing for financial help.

Ryan sleeps in his car at the parking lot in RUH in order to save money so the next morning he can attend to her mother’s need while his wife is taking care of their children in Estevan. In behalf of Ryan, Marte Nogot, a concerned friend, has initiated a Go Fund Me campaign to help ease the Verdadero family’s burden. Let’s help them through prayers and donations. Visit this link to donate any amount:


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