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Wanna be a Permanent Resident in Canada? Know your options!


As soon as you decide on becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada, the right question to ask is “How?”.

If you ask around, most people would tell you to visit the Government of Canada website ( which is correct. You should definitely start with that because the CIC website is a very good resource when you are looking for options on how you can become a Permanent Resident in Canada. Once you are on the website, you will probably start searching and you will find out that there are almost 100 programs available and currently offered all across different provinces. Do not get overwhelmed. Take your time and go over the programs.

You do not have to be an Immigration expert to see which program is best suited for you. All you have to do is answer the questions to determine your eligibility to apply and it will list down the programs applicable to you based on your answers.

For the benefit of everyone, we will be listing down the full list of Permanent Residence Program across Canada.

Here are the various Immigration programs offered by the Government of Canada (as of August 2017):

Federal Programs
Federal Skilled Worker Program
Federal Skilled Trades Program
Canadian Experience Class
Family Class – spouse/dependent
Family Class – parent/grandparent
Family Class – other relatives
Live-in Caregiver Program
Startup Visa Program
Self-Employed Persons Program
CG Program – Childcare Pathway
CG Program – High Medical Needs Pathway
Provincial Nominee Program
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

British Columbia
EE BC Skilled Worker
EE BC Health Care Professional
EE BC Intl Graduate
EE BC Intl Postgraduate
BC Entry Level / Semi-Skilled
BC PNP Entrepreneur

Employer Driven Stream – Skilled Worker
Employer Driven Stream – Intl Graduate
Employer Driven Stream – Semi-Skilled Worker
Strategic Recruitment Stream – Trades
Strategic Recruitment Stream – Engineering Occupations
Strategic Recruitment Stream – Postgrad Worker
Self-employed Farmer Stream
Other expired AINP streams

Intl Skilled Worker – Employment Offer
Intl Skilled Worker – Occupations in Demand
Intl Skilled Worker – Express Entry
SK Experience – Health Professions subcategory
SK Experience – Hospitality Sector Project subcategory
SK Experience – Existing Work Permit subcategory
SK Experience – Long Haul Truck Driver Project subcategory
SK Experience – Student subcategory
Entrepreneur Category
Farm Owners / Operators Category

Skilled Worker in Manitoba
Skilled Worker Overseas
Business Immigration
Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative

Entrepreneur Stream
Corporate Stream
General Category – Foreign Worker
Intl student with a Job Offer
Intl Masters Graduates
Intl PhD Graduates
EE – Human Capital Priorities Stream
EE – French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

Quebec Experience Program – Quebec graduate
Quebec Experience Program – Skilled TFW
Quebec Skilled Worker
Quebec Entrepreneur Program
Quebec Investor Program
Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program

New Brunswick
EE Labour Market stream
Business stream
Employer support stream
Family support stream

Newfoundland & Labrador
EE stream
Skilled Worker stream
Intl Graduate stream

Nova Scotia
Entrepreneur stream
Intl Graduate Entrepreneur stream
Skilled Worker stream
NS Demand EE stream
NS Experience EE stream

Prince Edward Island
EE stream
Business Impact Category – 100% Ownership stream
Business Impact Category – Partial Ownership stream
Business Impact Category – Work Permit stream
Labour Impact Category – Skilled Worker Outside Canada stream
Skilled Worker on PEI stream
Critical Worker stream
Intl Graduate stream

Yukon Territories
Skilled Worker Program
Business Nominee Program
EE stream

Northwest Territories
Business Driven Stream (formerly Business Driven – Entrepreneur stream)
Employer Driven – NT EE stream
Employer Driven – Critical Impact Workers stream
Employer Driven – Skilled Workers stream

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