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Watch: “Go Back to Philippines”: Racist Rant Caught on Video


Earlier this week, a couple of videos has gone viral on Social Media about an incident that happened on the Millennium Line Train in Metro Vancouver last Monday. A 75-year-old New Westminster woman went on a racist rant against a elderly Filipino couple.

Ashley Klassen and Paula Correa have posted the videos they captured online showing the woman yelling at the couple because she thought the couple was speaking to loud. The woman even went on shouting “Go back to the f****** Philippines!”

According to Correa, it all started when the Caucasian woman moved to a seat in front of the elderly Filipino couple. The woman snapped at the couple for talking in Filipino loudly. The elderly man apologized to her and tried to explain that people speak loudly in the Philippines. However, things got heated from there, with the couple and the woman yelling at each other and some passengers joining in.

As seen in the videos, a teenage boy defended the couple repeatedly by telling the woman to get off the train and leave the couple alone. Unfortunately, the angry woman turned on the boy and began to verbally attack him, even calling him “a loser.” She continued with her verbal assault by mocking the elderly couple with a high-pitch voice, claiming that they said that “this is how we talk in our country”.

As she was getting off at Holdom Station, she got close to the elderly man’s face and said “Bye fuckhead” and kept yelling and swearing towards the couple as she was leaving the train.

It was said that someone pressed the yellow emergency strip on the SkyTrain car to alert the Metro Vancouver Transit Police but the woman had already stepped off by the time they boarded.

According to the Transit Police, the couple was fine and did not wish for further police involvement.

Fortunately, the Transit Police has identified the woman who is known to them for documented anger-related issues, but there is nothing to indicate she raises concerns for public safety. They intend conduct further investigation and to interview her “with a discussion and warning about her behaviour and conduct when using the transit system.”

It is very disheartening to know that this kind of hate crime happens at any time and any place. Nonetheless, it is truly reassuring that there are people out there who can stand up against hate and defend people even when they are strangers. With so many worse things happening all around the world, this fact can still help restore your faith in humanity.


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