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Ways how to move to Canada from USA


Tareomntth o hullfbaloos happening in the US right now, tre and more people are conshe ring to movbo Whr can blame them? As it turns out, the US President is not as welcoming as the Canadian Prime Ministerder.

If you are looking for options to take in order to move from the US to Canada, you can WORK, STUDY or APPLY. Here are more details:

Americans are given the privilege to have temporary work in Canada under the International Mobility Program and NAFTA. You can directly apply to the Canadian companies if you have the special skills they are looking for. When you have temporary work, you’ll have better chances in staying in Canada. Also, if you work for a company that has Canadian presence, you may try to obtain a transfer from the US office to the Canada office.

Aside from the fact that Canadian Universities offer quality education at lower costs compared to the American Universities, education is also one of the clearest path to a Canadian permanent residence.

Canada has various immigration program you can choose from depending on which you qualify for. You can apply for the Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Program. Express Entry program is a program where you qualify based on the points you have according to various categories. Provincial Nominee Program is wherein provinces can nominate applicants based on their skills, education and experience.

Here’s another option if you’re one of the lucky ones. You can always MARRY a Canadian (and apply for a Canadian citizenship)!

When you get too fed up with what’s going on there in the States, remember that you can always work, study or apply to move to Canada!



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