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What Filipinos think of Canadian? (Canadian Stereotype)


When a group of women formed together (well, except me of course) what to expect? Chika Minute!
In response to the “Filipino Stereo type” topic that we had in a conversation at the office (link here), I think it’s high time for Filipinos to voice out their own opinions about what they think about the Canadian people,it’s about damn time to get even. Ika nga ni FPJ, “lintik lang ang walang ganti”. Ano connect? You can only relate if you read the first part. But because I’m still new in Canada, I haven’t found any fault in them, yet (haha I might get deported). Anyways, I’ve talked to fellow Filipinos who have been in Canada for many years and here are their thoughts about Canadians:

“Never ending winter”

March 21 marked the first official day of spring in Canada, how lovely, but a few days ago, the weather pulled a major April fools prank on us by spreading white flurries. Indeed, winter never ends in Canada and it is still amazing how they manage to operate even in the coldest of temperatures. Only Canadians wear shorts and sandals when the temperature drops at 5 degrees Celsius.

“Naturally Kind”

I haven’t met a Canadian that is not polite, most especially the elders. I once walked down a street one morning and every time I came across an elder, they never failed to either greet me or offer a smile. Well, we Filipinos will not be outdone in terms of humility, hospitality, politeness and kindness because even Presidents say “I am sorry”. Remember that tag line?

“About = Aboot, Out = Oot”

I tend to disagree about this one since I haven’t heard a Canadian say those. I have heard different kinds of slangs of course but about = aboot? Nuh uh. All I know is they love to say “Eh?” much like our fellow Batanguenos back in the Philippines. Who is the original Eh?

“Born in Skates”

What’s that aboot eh? Ah, yes, I finally used that line 😛 Anyway, almost all of my officemates go head over heels every time there is a hockey game. They spend thousands of dollars for tickets, some hold tickets for the whole season, just to support their team even though their team is on a losing streak and let me tell you this, never EVER joke about hockey when you’re with Canadians and don’t ever compare basketball to hockey because hockey is Canada’s game.

“They love Celine Dion”

Canadians are very proud with the achievements of their home grown talents whether in the music industry or the sports industry or film industry or whatever. Just like how much they love Celine Dion for example. I tried to insert Justin Bieber but they had different violent reactions but I didn’t BELIEB that. #Oooppps

“Prime Minister Tim Hortons”

No one can deny Canada’s unwavering adherence to Tim Hortons. Coming to the office? They already have that Tims cup at their hand. Afternoon breaks? You can bet they’re going to Tim Hortons. If America loves Dunkin Donuts, well Canada runs on Tim Hortons. Hmmmm, I’m getting myself a double-double after this. For Pinoys? Just wait for our Jollibee to come.

The personality and attitude of Canadians vary from place to place depending on the specific customs of their location but generally, Canadians are innately kind people. They are generally honest, organized, accepting and open-minded. They have characteristics unique to us Filipinos and their land is a great blessing for most Filipinos abroad (662,600 Filipinos living in Canada according to a census done in 2011). Canada is blessed and so is their people.

“51st US State”

Back in the Philippines, we Filipinos have this habit of referring to any white foreigner as “Amerikano” even though not all white people that visit our country is American. Maybe this is the reason why we see them as America’s 51st state, however, I know that they want to have their own identity, they want to be called “Canadians” not “Americans”.

If you’d ask me, why not make the Philippines as the 51st state? Your thought? No more TFW if that’s the case I guess

You, what do you think about Canadians? Let us know in the comments

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