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WHOA! The First Customer in line of the First Jollibee Canada makes History


December 15, 2016. This is the historical date for the Grand Opening of the First Jollibee Restaurant in Canada. The Filipino-Canadian Community is rejoicing for having the biggest fast food chain from the Philippines. At long last, the wait is finally over.

The management implemented number ticketing system to give their customers unified experience during the opening. They also placed $50 cap per transaction so that they can serve as many guests as they can.

Have you ever wondered who the First Customer in line is? The temperature in Winnipeg on Jollibee Grand Opening Day is -33 windchill. It means Colder than Freezer. But these persons didn’t let the freezing weather block their way to be part of the Grand Opening and enjoy the taste of Jollibee.

Here’s his interview from the Jollibee Canada FB Page:

Our first customer in line, Jason Ladera, shares why being the first in line means so much to him ?

For Jason, a local of Winnipeg, this moment is serendipitous. After lining up and braving the winter weather since 10:30PM with 6 year old Wilfred, he reveals that his first job back home in the Philippines was in Jollibee almost 20 years ago. Tasked with the role of “soda man,” his job involved preparing beverages for guest meals. It was a fun job, he admits, and one he misses dearly, having lived in Winnipeg for over 5 years now. He recounts that his favourite meal was the Jollibee Burger Steak. For little Wilfred, it was the Jolly Spaghetti.

When asked why it was important for him to be first in line, his answer was simple: “I miss home. I miss Jollibee.”


Please give them a plaque or Frame their pictures at your store. This is historical.

Winnipeg, Manitoba – the first Jollibee Canada location

Jason Ladera –  their First Customer in line combatting the cold weather just to feel like “home”.


Jollibee International  Slogan must be like:  “When in Jollibee, it feels like home!”


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