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Xander and Agnes Proved that there is Forever …


Philippine’s most watched teleserye “Forevermore” concluded on May 22nd, if you are following @momsiecle on Instagram, you sure know how addicted I am in this hit teleserye. Though Forevermore’s pilot episode was shown in October 27, 2014, I only started watching this teleserye on the last week of December. Since, I am subscribed to The Filipino Channel’s on-demand IPTV, I can watch old and new teleserye from the very beginning up to the current episode… After watching the first 2 episodes, I got hooked up and didn’t want to stop watching it, I watched 3 months worth of episode in 3 days, from then on I started loving Sitio La Presa, the fictional strawberry farm where the love story of Maria Agnes Calay (Agnes) and Alexander Grande III (Xander) started, I am sure many will agree how lovable and charming the “Superman” character of Xander is.

I am very sure that million of Forevermore’s viewers were very emotional while watching its finale. The much-anticipated finale ended with Xander proposing to Agnes atop of Mt. Pulag, the place where they both believe where heaven meets the earth. But if you will ask me, my favorite part of the final episode is where Xander and Agnes were forced to seek shelter in an abandoned cabana by a sudden heavy rain and they had the chance to talk to each other until Xander asked Agnes if they can pretend that there is forever for the two of them… and started to talk about what could-have been if they were still together, heartwarming. This teleserye is a perfect example of Filipinos’ favorite saying about love, “Kung kayo, kayo talaga sa huli”. (If you are for each other, you will still end up with each other — I am not really sure with my translation, lol). These two proved that despite all the difficulties and challenges that they went through, true love still lead them to their “ road to forevermore.” And as Xander was claiming on the last part of the episode, there is really forever!

If you’ve watched this teleserye from beginning to the end, you will realize that this serye is not just about stirring “kilig” from it’s viewers and did not just aimed to prove that forever really exists, the characters and the challenges that they went through will make you realize what true love can do… You are probably thinking that this is just the #ForevermoreFinale ‘s after-effect to me, but let’s face it, “love” is the most wonderful feeling in the world. And the people behind Forevermore also aimed to make their viewers realized how wonderful it is to be inlove, to love and to be loved!

My husband and I may not be of the same age as Xander and Agnes and yes we are not also as good looking as this couple, but yes, I will forever remember the lessons that their love tried to teach to their viewers.

Love is not always a bed of roses, there are a few thorns along the way. you can get hurt in the process but if you truly love someone you will always believe that second chance can be possible. Just like the main characters of this story, there relationship and their love for each other was tested, but they survived the challenges which eventually forged deeper bond between them.

IMG_5272Love can change you. In the beginning of the story, Xander is the rebellious and “broken” guy and because of an incident he had to work as a farmer in La Presa. I his immersion to La Presa, he got to know Agnes and the people of La Presa and learned to love them and because of the love and care that the La Presa community has shown to him, he transformed from a broken boy into a very charming, understanding, and caring man.

If a love is true, it can sacrifice and it is selfless, both Xander and Agnes had their own share of sacrifices. But for me, Xander sacrificed the most, he left Agnes and his family and went to London against his will just to save La Presa, his family and Agnes from all the troubles that his ex-girlfriend’s father may cause them. Had he thought of himself only, he can easily escape from the situation… his love is selfless. Though in the end, he admitted to his new girlfriend, Dr. Alexandra Pante, that he had been selfish when he was breaking up with her.



True love and the road to forever need hard work,
I am sure, if you’ve watched Forevermore until the end, you will agree to this. There is no easy way to success, to a successful relationship, that’s why Xander and Agnes had to shed a lot of tears and why Xander has to go through a lot just to hear Agnes tell him that she never stopped loving him. I read somewhere that a relationship will grow depending on your willingness to embrace hard work of true love.

I know that this serye’s finale may not be the best because I also feel that it ended with some issues still left unresolved – Agnes’ mom, the agri-resort project what happened to the water supply and even to Jhay. But the important thing is Xander and Agnes proved to us that there is forever J

I guess, it’s time for me to end this post and start working on my own forever…


How did you find Forevermore’s finale, what was your favorite scene? What lessons did you learn from it? Or if you are not a viewer of this serye do you have a lesson in love that you can share?


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